Sell Banknotes, Medals & Stamps

Sell your stamps, medals, and Banknotes

I purchase coins, medals, banknotes & stamps in Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, North East, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire & Cumbria.

I purchase

  • Military Medals
  • Civillian Medals
  • Historical Medallions
  • Commemorative Medallions
  • British Banknotes
  • European & World Banknotes
  • Modern British stamps,
  • Presentation packs, Mint stamps
  • Booklets, Smilers, Sheets
  • Pre 1935 used British Stamps, Pre 1910 World Stamps

I pay

  • Top prices
  • Cash (or cheque if you prefer)
  • Immediately
  • Above scrap & Bullion value for better quality silver items

I am pleased to come and view any items you have, identify them and value them whatever condition or quantity. I offer a friendly, approachable no obligation service. I buy everything and don’t ‘cherry pick’ just the best. Prices for ordinary world stamps, kiloware and first day covers are very low at the moment and so I am unable to give ‘home’ valuations on these but I can give you an estimate over the telephone or by email.

I offer good prices on medals, banknotes and stamps Please ring to book a home appointment.