Sell by Post

Coins-Bought-By-Post - How it works

Step 1:
Contact me by telephone, email or contact form for an initial appraisal and advice


Step 2:
I will provide a unique reference code, advice on how to pack and post and what to send. For larger collections we may be able to arrange a courier


Step 3:
Send the items by the appropriate method of posting with the unique reference code prominently displayed on the packaging

Step 4:
On receipt I will immediately view and appraise the coins and then contact you straight away to make you an offer


Step 5:
If you accept the offer I will make immediate payment by direct bank transfer, PayPal or send a cheque or postal order, depending on your preference (I am unable to send cash through the post)


Step 6:
If you do not accept the offer I will immediately return the coins to you (I pay the return postage)

The above is subject to the following:

  1. I do not accept or buy gold coins
  2. I do not accept delivery of any coins sent without prior arrangement and not showing the unique reference code on the packaging
  3. I may require proof of identity in certain circumstances to be sent prior to or with the coins
  4. I do not accept any coins that may be forgeries, reproductions or may have been stolen. Any such coins will be immediately rejected
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  5. I will advise on whether the service is economical especially if you have larger quantities of pre-decimal copper coins or obsolete foreign currency as the cost of posting such weight may be more than the value of the coins
  6. I do not cherry pick from your coins. I buy all coins subject to the ‘is it economical to post them? test’

Are you interested in buying coins by post? With an honest appraisal for your rare coins you can be assured I will offer you a fair price, as well as providing you with honest advice on selling. Contact me today